Are we really making any meaningful connections?

“We are so connected more than we have ever been, but at the same time, we are so disconnected, lonely, and depressed than at any other time.” (McLeod, 2014)

The digital space allowed us to be connected and share our life anytime, anywhere, with anyone who’s on the platform, endlessly. However, the question is, are we really making any meaningful connections?

Google defined connection as “a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.” But something is missing. When we look at the picture down below, the most important thing is the emotions and feelings between the two.

The emotions and feelings are never about how much information you share or how many pictures you take but through shared experiences. Here are some tips on creating shared experiences through technology/ socials.

  1. Watch a movie or live show together: even when you are not physically with the other person, you can still have the experience of movie dates and create more topics to talk about.
  2. Create a digital space such as a shared album to make memories; we offer you this function, which can save, share, or even send a surprise message by touching the jewelry.
  3. Try to send touches with your bracelet, make it a special code only two of you know; the APP will also count the amount of touches you have sent to each other and give you love badges.

Make connection meaningful

We are so used to the technology, we sleep next to our phones just in case if we missed a message, we are always on our socials to check what other people have posted, for lovers we are always trying to share every detail of our daily life through texts.

 “Connection made to measure (Turkle, 2011)

We are too busy communicating to really connect, too busy communicating to think, and too busy communicating to make the connection meaningful. Take some time alone, to create experiences and add value to the digital conversation. McLeod (2014) mentioned that a lot of time we are communicating egocentrically, which refers to the situation when you or the other person find the conversation is getting boring and useless. That’s why we developed the bracelets, one simple touch can means so much more than a text. Based on our customers’ feedback, they found the couples bracelet can “encourage you and your partner to really explore what it means to communicate and the frequency as well” (Avery, 2022).

At TheCouplesBracelet, we are still learning how to provide a better solution for LDR. Our goal is to connect people’s feelings and emotions to narrow the gap caused by the distance of all kinds and to build, maintain, and construct healthier and happier relationships.

All relationships matter to us, it is the core of what we are doing. With your experience and true story, we can make our product more enjoyable and relatable.

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